Year Host Country Paper Title Author
2022 Marseille, France Development of the snowmelt prediction model using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Masami Abe
2022 Marseille, France Development of effective pre-release method for dams during super typhoons using long-term ensemble rainfall forecasts Kentaro Kido
2022 Marseille, France Establishment of the comprehensive river environment conservation system in collaboration with river stakeholders on the Tenryu River Yuichi Kitamura
2022 Marseille, France Challenges in flood control operation and dissemination of information - Lessons from the record-breaking heavy rain in July 2018, Japan Tetsuya Sumi
2022 Marseille, France Decision support for preliminary release of reservoir for flood control using ECMWF medium-range ensemble rainfall forecast Daisuke Nohara
2022 Marseille, France Study on the Koshibu Dam sediment bypass tunnel operation based on sediment transport monitoring in upstream reaches Takahiro Koshiba
2022 Marseille, France Study on PMP estimation for the flood risk evaluation of hydropower dams in consideration of the future climate change Yuzo Kobayashi
2020 New Delhi, India A few considerations on earthquake monitoring of dams Masayuki Kashiwayanagi
2020 New Delhi, India Japan's “Follow-up System for Management of Dams” and its achievements Yukako Mogami
2020 New Delhi, India Study on the engineering bedrock and seismic motion at it in the earthquake response analysis of a concrete dam Nario Yasuda
2020 New Delhi, India Establishment and implementation of the emergency action plan on the Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project in Laos Takahisa Tabuchi
2020 New Delhi, India Study of computational fluid dynamics analysis with design on the spillway of hydroelectric power plant Masayuki Masuda
2020 New Delhi, India Unmanned maintenance work with underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for discharge facilities of dams Sota Uchida
2020 New Delhi, India Dam break accident and resulting sediment management at downstream dams in Lao PDR - Highly turbid flood-flow and sediment flushing at Nan Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project – Takahisa Tabuchi
2020 New Delhi, India Effective reservoir operation for flood control based on rainfall-runoff-inundation analysis considering extreme events in the Katsura River basin, Japan Maki Iwamoto
2020 New Delhi, India The introduction effects of 3D information models in Koishiwaragawa Dam Construction Project Tomoya Miyazaki
2020 New Delhi, India Analysis on sediment transport processes around estuary and coastal shoreline area in the Sagami River Basin to promote reservoir sedimentation countermeasures and integrated sediment management Makoto HYODO
2020 New Delhi, India Bedload transport and abrasion monitoring at the Koshibu Dam sediment bypass tunnel and proposing countermeasures against the abrasion problem Takahiro Koshiba
2020 New Delhi, India Sedimentation management utilizing sluicing operation at the Setoishi dam Hirofumi Okumura
2020 APG, India Backwater effect and compensation due to dam construction on Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project in Lao PDR Takuma Takahashi
2020 APG, India Operation of the selective water intake facility of Sameura Dam, taking account of downstream water temperature and turbidity Morimasa Tsuda
2019 Otawa, Canada Experimental Study on Effective Sediment Chanel with Reservoir Topography and Morphology Yuichi Kitamura
2019 Otawa, Canada Development of New Simulator for Training of Dam Operation and its Future Outlook Kazunori Tamura
2019 Otawa, Canada Applying CFD analysis to scouring river bed caused by discharge flow from the dam and estimating effectiveness of some countermeasures Kazuki Hirao
2019 Otawa, Canada Analytical study on effects of difference in fracture energy for crack propagation in concrete dams during large earthquakes Hiroyuki Sato
2019 Otawa, Canada Improving prediction of river-basin precipitation by assimilating every-10-minute all-sky Himawari-8 infrared satellite radiances – A case of Typhoon Malakas (2016) Shohei Takino
2019 Otawa, Canada Development and Application of Various New Technologies for Construction of Yamba Dam Tsuyoshi Hiratsuka
2019 Otawa, Canada Sediment management plan in Sakawa River -The results of the first phase - Yuta Fukuda
2019 Otawa, Canada Dam operation support system utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) Hiroki Takiguchi
2019 Otawa, Canada Turbidity Control and Sediment Management using Sluicing Tunnel at Hydropower Dam Hirofumi OKUMURA
2019 Otawa, Canada Development of a prediction model used in measures for reducing mold odor in dam reservoirs Yuya Okada
2019 Otawa, Canada Design of seismic reinforcement by PS anchor in Senbon dam Hideaki Kawasaki
2019 Otawa, Canada Application of Mechanical Facilities Support System using Tablet Terminals for Dam Management Takahiro Yoshida
2019 Otawa, Canada Dynamic analysis of a Piano Key Weir situated on concrete dams Masayuki Kashiwayanagi
2019 Otawa, Canada Comparison of Reproducibility of Water Temperature and Water Temperature Stratification Formation by Different Methods in Dam Reservoir Water Quality Prediction Model Fuminori Kimura
2019 Otawa, Canada The method for increasing the waterpower generation by using the storage volume for the flood control in the multipurpose dams Hiroyuki Takeuchi
2019 Otawa, Canada Tallest RCC Gravity Dam in Lao PDR - Need for High Speed and Solutions Adopted at the Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Yushi AOSAKA
2019 Otawa, Canada National Census on River and Dam Environments in Japan and utilization for appropriate dam management using the results. Tomonori Osugi
2018 Vienna, Austria Q100 General Report - Reservoir sedimentation and sustainable development T. SUMI
2018 Vienna, Austria Plan and operation results of the Koshibu Dam sediment bypass tunnel TOSHIYUKI SAKURAI, TETSURO TSUJIMOTO, TETSUYA SUMI, ICHIRO KUNIMURA, HIROYUKI TAKEUCHI, KATSUSHI ISHIDA (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Case analysis of sediment bypass tunnels (Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan) HIDEAKI OHORI, MASATO ONO, YASUFUMI TAKATA, GEN NAGATANI, TETSUYA SUMI (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Predictions of environmental effect due to sediment sluicing at a series of three dams TAKESHI YOSHIMURA, HIROKI SHINYA, TETSUYA SUMI, NORIO ONIKURA (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Research on sediment sluicing operations through dam discharge operations in consideration of upstream/downstream riverbed characteristics YUICHI KITAMURA, SHINGO TAKAGI (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Sediment derivation by bypass tunnel restores downstream environment SOHEI KOBAYASHI, HAJIME FUKUROI, TETSUYA SUMI, YASUHIRO TAKEMON (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria New development of technology for countermeasures against barren ground by lake bottom sediments (super fulvic acid iron) TAKASHI TOYODA, JUNYA TAKIMOTO, TETSUYA SUMI, SHIGEKAZU HORIYA, YUJI SAKAI, MITSURU SUEYOSHI (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Analysis of sedimentation countermeasures in hydropower dams considering properties of reservoir sedimentation CHIHAYA ONDA, HIROFUMI OKUMURA, TSUYOSHI ASAHI (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Three-dimensional behavior properties and reproduction analysis of an arch dam during large-scale earthquakes HIROKI SAKAMOTO, NOBUTERU SATO, NAOKI TOMIDA (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Empirical evaluation of seepage of fill-dams using reservoir water level and rainfall HIDEKI SODA, JUNJI ISHIGURO, KOICHIRO OTAGAKI, KIYOSHI KISHIDA (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Studies on extensibility of asphalt face and effective reinforcement based on afrd damaged by the earthquake TOMOYUKI TSUKADA, MASARU SHIMAZAKI, TAKAHIRO MIZUNO, YOUSUKE MATSUMOTO (Japan)
2018 Vienna, Austria Study on the mechanism of the peculiar behaviors of Aratozawa Dam in the 2008 earthquake NARIO YASUDA, NORIHISA MATSUMOTO, MASAYOSHI NARUOKA, ZENGYAN CAO (Japan)