Year Host Country Paper Title Author
2005 EADC, Japan Rehabilitation of Hydropower Plants by Dam Tunneling Masayuki Kashiwayanagi
2005 EADC, Japan Reservoir Sedimentation Management at the Asahi Dam Koki Kataoka
2005 EADC, Japan Estimation of Non-uniform Sediment Discharge Using Actual Results of Dam Reservoir Sedimentation Tomoyuki Suzuki
2005 EADC, Japan River Environment Improvement Method by Sediment Transport Experiment in the Downstream Reach of a Dam Hiroshi Ogawa
2005 EADC, Japan Measures against Sedimentation in the Makio Dam Reservoir Tsuneo Midorikawa
2005 EADC, Japan Development and Applications of Multi Hole Suction Pipe Hideyoshi Nakashima
2005 EADC, Japan “Hydro Technology” For Discharge of Sediment from Dams and Weirs Toru Hashimoto
2005 EADC, Japan Current Conditions of Reservoir Sedimentation and Turbidity in Irrigation Dams in Japan Hiroyuki Taruya
2005 EADC, Japan A Study on Sedimentation Processes in Takase Dam Basin Shigeru Tsuruta