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会誌「大ダム」を年4回発行しております。その他の出版物としては、3年に一度のICOLD大会には日本のダムに関する建設と技術情報を紹介する英文版の “Dams in Japan”(1994年まで)と“Current Activities on Dams in Japan” (1997年以降)を発行し、ICOLD大会参加者に配布し高く評価されています。
購読料は年4回(1、4、7、10月の各月)発刊で年間4,800円(送料含む)です。 定期購読は こちら

No Published Year Title
180 Rough Copy Dam Surveillance - Lessons learnt from case histories
179 Rough Copy Asphalt Concrete Cores for Embankment Dams
178 Rough Copy Operation of Hydraulic Structures of Dams
177 Rough Copy Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams
176 Rough Copy Blockage of Spillways and Outlet Works
175 Rough Copy Dam Safety Management: Pre- operational Phases of the Dam Life Cycle
174 Rough Copy Action Plan on Capacity Building
173 Rough Copy Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs
172 Rough Copy Technical Advancements in Spillway Design - Progress and Innovations from 1985 to 2015
171 Rough Copy Multipurpose Water Storage - Essential Elements and Emerging Trends
170 Rough Copy Flood Evaluation and Dam Safety
169 Rough Copy Global Climate Change, Dams, Reservoirs and related Water Resources
168 2017 Recommendations for Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation
167 Rough Copy Regulation of Dam Safety: An overview of current practice world wide.
166 2016 Inspection of Dams Following Earthquake – Guidelines
165 Rough Copy Selection of Materials For Concrete In Dams
164 2017 Internal Erosion of Existing Dams, Levees and Dikes, and their Foundations
163 Rough Copy Dams for Hydroelectric Energy
162 Rough Copy The Interaction of Hydraulic Processes and Reservoirs
161 Rough Copy Dams and Water Transfers - An Overview
160 Rough Copy ICOLD Dam Decommissioning - Guidelines
159 Rough Copy Supplement to the Position Paper on Dams and the Environment
158 Rough Copy Dam surveillance guide
157 2016 Small Dams: Design, Surveillance and Rehabilitation
156 2014 Integrated flood risk management
155 2013 Guidelines for use of numerical models in dam engineering
154 2017 Dam safety management: Operational phase of the dam life cycle
153 2013 Sustainable design and post-closure performance of tailings dams
152 2014 Cost savings in specific dams
151 2017 Tropical residual soils as dam foundation and fill material
150 Rough Copy Cutoffs for dams
149 2014 Role of dams on the development and management of rivers basins.
148 2016 Selecting Seismic Parameters for Large Dams – Guidelines
147 Rough Copy Sedimentation and sustainable use of reservoirs and river systems
146 2016 Dams and Resettlement – Lessons learnt and recommendations
145 Rough Copy The physical properties of hardened conventional concrete in dams
144 2011 Cost savings in Dams
143 2013 Historical review on ancient Dams
142 2012 bulletin on safe passage of extreme floods
141 2011 Concrete face Rockfill Dams - Concepts for design and construction
140 Rough Copy Sediment transport and deposition in reservoirs
139 2011 Improving tailings dam safety - Critical aspects of management, design, operation and closure.
138 2009 General approach to Dam Surveillance
137 2011 Reservoirs and seismicity - State of knowledge
136 2009 The specification and quality control of Concrete for Dams
135 2010 Geomembrane sealings systems for Dams
134 2008 Weak Rocks and shales in Dams
133 2008 Embankment Dams on Permafrost
132 2008 Shared Rivers : Principles and practices
131 2006 Role of Dams in Flood Mitigation - A review