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会誌「大ダム」を年4回発行しております。その他の出版物としては、3年に一度のICOLD大会には日本のダムに関する建設と技術情報を紹介する英文版の “Dams in Japan”(1994年まで)と“Current Activities on Dams in Japan” (1997年以降)を発行し、ICOLD大会参加者に配布し高く評価されています。
購読料は年4回(1、4、7、10月の各月)発刊で年間4,800円(送料含む)です。 定期購読は こちら

No Published Year Title
36 1982 Cements for concrete for large dams
35 1981 Dams and the environments
34 1979 ICOLD Guide for the Internatinal System of Units (IS)
33 1979 Compendium for dam symbols
32 1977-1982 Bituminous concrete facings for earth and rockfill dams
31 1982 A glossary of words and phrases related to dams
30 1978-1987 Finite elements methods in analysis and design of dams
29 1977 Report from the Committee on Risks to Third Parties from Large Dams
28 1977 Compendium of dams symbols
27 1975 A review of earthquake resistant design of dams
26 1976 Methods of determining effects of shrinkage, creep and temperature on concrete for large dams
25 1976 Extensibility of concrete for large dams
24 1973 Accelerating and retarding admixtures
23 1972 Reports of the Committee on Observation on Dams and Models
22 1972 Pozzolanas and slags for concrete for large dams
21 1969 General considerations applicable to instrumentation for earth and rockfill dams
20 1968 Surface-active admixtures for concrete for large dams
15 1960 Frost resistance of concrete