Takashi TADA

Vice President (since 2020)
Chairman of the Technical Committee(since 2021)

In the committee, he is leading to abstract the next theme to be discussed from various challenges on dams in Japan, taking into account JCOLD members’ interests.
He has worked for the Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. since 1988. He engaged himself in construction of Ohta dams of rockfill type, Nam Ngiep 1 dam in Laos of RCC and a sediment bypass tunnel of Asahi dam for reservoir management in sites respectively. He also has been involved in development and O&M of dams for hydropower at home and abroad for decades. As an executive vice president in the company, he is now responsible for Renewable Energy Division such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass powers, and Civil Engineering and Architecture Division.

P.E.Jp., MS in Engineering (Nagoya univ.), MA in Economics (Kobe univ.)