Hideki HIRAI

Vice President (since 2021)
Chairman of the planning Committee (since 2021)

His position in JCOLD is not only the vice president, but also the chairman of the planning committee. He spent the most of his carriers as a government official of MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism). He worked mainly for the HQ and various sections of the MLIT and also for the Cabinet secretariat and the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. Above all, he had worked as a dam designer at the Miyagase Dam Work Office of the MLIT. Now he works for the Water Environment Center (WEC). WEC conducts consulting works in the area of survey, operation and maintenance of dams in harmony with an environment. As a president of the WEC, he supervises environment impacts assessment, formation of dam operation rules allowing for weather forecasts, remedies against sedimentation and water quality issues and so on.

Ph.D (Engineering, Tokyo Univ.)