Chair of Sub Committee on International affairs(since 2022)

His main interest in JCOLD activities is promotion of exchange of dam engineering and technologies with member countries of ICOLD through ICOLD technical committee, congresses/symposiums and so on.
He started his career as dam engineer at the Public Works Research Institute (PWRI) in 1984. He made research & development on investigation, design, execution and management of dams, and technical support to many Japanese dams with his technical experience and knowledge during about 35-year career at PWRI. He submitted many refereed papers to several eminent scientific societies and received more than 10 rewords from several scientific societies. He resigned from PWRI as Vice President in 2019.
He has been working for the Japan Dam Engineering Center (JDEC) from 2019. JDEC provides high-quality dam engineering services appropriately adapted to various circumstances surrounding dams in order to act as Japan’s foremost think-tank dealing with dam engineering.
As a Vice President of the JDEC, he supervises the activities of the JDEC including (1) conducting surveys and research, (2) providing technological assistance, (3) training personnel, (4) implementing public awareness programs, and (5) conducting international affairs. Other activities include precast formwork projects and examination and certification programs for the newly developed technologies.

P.E.Jp (Civil Eng.), Dr. Eng.