Shigeyoshi NAGATAKI

Chair of the Sub Committee on Research of actual frost damage of concrete(since 2007)

This committee has been conducting long-term exposure test since 1961 aiming to “identify the relationship between the weathering resistance of dam concrete in cold areas and the results of durability test using concrete specimens”. First chairman of this committee was Prof. KOKUBU, University of Tokyo and second chairman was Prof. KOBAYASHI, Hosei University. Third chairman, Dr. NAGATAKI is professor emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
He started his career as assistant professor at University of Tokyo and moved to Tokyo Institute of Technology as associate professor, then full professor, emeritus professor. And he continued to work as professor. at Niigata University and then Aichi Institute of Technology.
During this period, he had published many technical reports and spent much time for many associations. He held President of Japan Concrete Institute, President of Japan Society of Dam Engineers, Vice President of Japan Society of Civil Engineers also Vice President of the Society of Materials Science. And he has played as Chairman of many technical committees in the associations. Now he is honorary member of American Concrete Institute, JSCE, JCI, JSMC and JSDE.

BSc, MSc and Ph.D(The University of Tokyo)