President (since2020)

He is 14th President of JCOLD since 2020, manages whole works of JCOLD, consisting of governmental organizations (MLIT, METI, MAFF, JWA), power generation companies, general contractors, design and engineering firms, steel structure manufacturers, and measuring device companies, so on.
He has joined Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (EPDC, renamed as J-power after privatization) in 1981 as a civil engineer and now he is assigned Director and Executive vice president. EPDC started after WW2 a state-owned company to construct and operate large hydropower stations with large dams in Japan, then J-power was fully privatized and listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Market in 2004, and now, owns and operates not only hydropower, but geothermal, wind and thermal power stations in Japan and abroad. Transmission lines and nuclear power station (under construction) are also under its coverage in Japan. His main role as a vice president of J-power is power generation technology and engineering issues.

P.E.Jp. (Civil engineering (Electric power; Soil mechanics and foundation; Engineering management)) MSc (River engineering),